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setting max number of tickets allowed according some criteria

by french150 on 03 May 2011 08:53 | 2568 Hits | 1 comment(s)

I'd like that admin can set max number of new ticket that user can post for a predefinied period (daily, monthly...). Once user reach the max number, he couldn't post any other ticket and a message will remember it to him. This feature have to be managed obviously on general settings, about single department and (it would be perfect) about single customers. In this way admin can set one general parameter or create single options....

Francesco - 05.05.2011 (06:58:02)

Or it would be better to manage this feature in other way. Create group of customers on backend component settings. For every group admin can set:

1) the max number of ticket and the period (already setted on backend general settings of your component like default value)
2) On the group setting can be managed also allowed number of ticket attachments with "unlimited" and "nothing" option to.
3) If user cannot do the above actions, he will receive a message customizable on the backend.
4)customer group have to be connected to joomla user level like registered, author, custom group on joomla 1.6.... So every user group have his joomla user group.


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