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by perksitstaff on 29 Apr 2011 14:16 | 2836 Hits | 0 comment(s)


I've been using RSTickets Pro for quite some time now and think comparatively to other Helpdesk solutions I have tried it is better. However, there is always additional features that would be nice.


I would find it extremely helpful to be able to submit Knowledgebase articles from the frontend. Currently if I am working on tickets it is quite a slow process to login to the Joomla backend each time to create a new KB article. I understand you have an article conversion rule but I would like more control over what articles go to the knowledgebase. It would also be excellent to see a standardized layout for when creating KB articles like date, description, cause, resolution. The staff member then fill out the required textfields and the knowledgebase articles would all have the same appearance. Lastly the Private kb feature is great, however I have a tax support kb and technical support kb and would prefer that the tax support staff members do not see technical support private kb's and vice versa. It would nice to isolate the private kb's to specific departments.

The reporting was a great inclusion but once again as I like to work from the frontend more often than not, it would be excellent to produce reports from the frontend. Also the ability to export to excel or pdf would be fantastic as generally I need to run reports to present to management. Perhaps some more visual elements such as graphs would work well too rather than table format as it is not that easy on the eyes.

Thankyou for you fantastic support and a great product. I hope these suggestions help you improve an already fantastic Component. :)

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