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Maybe you guys can create a Registration Component

by anonymous on 15 Jul 2010 03:41 | 8346 Hits | 2 comment(s)

I'm your loyal customer and very proud with that. Can you guys create registration component to improve Joomla! register form and secure it with antispam system. This registration component will gives better user experience through inline validation and AJAX based account creation or something like that (???). Example component like AlphaRegistration, AjaxRegistration Pro and Core Design Login module.

Fredo - 17.11.2010 (11:11:46)
I will add a good user unregistered component

Hi, I agree with this recommendation, but I would like to add an "user unregistered tool", with advice about what the user is going to do, also NEVER delete super admin user, when finish of deleting the user then finalize the deleted user session, etc.


Alexandru Plapana - 20.07.2010 (08:45:36)
Registration component


A similar scenario can be done with some custom scripting and RSForm!Pro. Basically a script placed in the Scripts called on form process area. An example is available on the forum.

A better one was posted by me on the Joomla forum


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