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De-modulize Host and Subscriber menus

by simon6 on 06 Apr 2011 08:55 | 1825 Hits | 0 comment(s)

A recent update to RSEvents! has placed the Subscriber and Host menus in external Joomla! Modules. Since these menus are only required when viewing or editing an Event it makes more sense to keep these menus 'tied' to the event display and not show these menus outside of the event.

Currently, these menus sit in two modules and are always empty modules when not viewing a specific event. For example, when viewing the Event calendar or Event listing two blank modules appear and depending on the position of these modules the calendar and lists have limited display space and make the overall look of a website a little odd.

Maybe you could add a new setting to switch these menus from a modular position to a built-in position within the event details page??

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