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Host menu available for non-admins

by simon6 on 06 Apr 2011 08:50 | 3315 Hits | 2 comment(s)

In many organisations the Event organiser is not necessarily a Joomla! administrator. Currently RSEvents! only shows the Host menu to Joomla! "Super Administrators" that have organised an event.

The Host menu should be visible, at least, to the organiser/createdbyuser but possibly also allow a RSEvents! Group to also see the Host menu (e.g. if there are multiple event organisers then an organiser might want to manage another organisers events in their absence)

Simon Leek - 12.04.2011 (09:17:00)

One question - we use CBSubs that can show/hide menu items and modules based on the CB Subs plan each user is in. If you (we) could switch off the showing/hiding of the host module and menus within, we could then take over control of what is seen/not seen using CB Subs. Is this possible?


Simon Leek - 12.04.2011 (09:12:55)

Really really really need this one :) :whistle:


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