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Field Feature Request

by jjervis on 24 Mar 2011 16:10 | 5098 Hits | 1 comment(s)

1. Custom Field Groups to allow custom field groups to be assigned to departments.
2. Allow the same field(s) and/or field groups to be applied to multiple departments.
3. Allow field access to certain staff groups only (not publicly available)
4. Allow tracking of time spent by staff on tickets (for billing purposes) and reporting on this data.
5. In order to do ticket trending, an addition field of "Issue Type" or "Case Type" should be created (similar to the status or department fields) with reporting on the data.

chris - 05.07.2014 (21:09:54)
Field Groups

A simple and fast implementation would be to allow custom fields and the ticket level which would apply to all departments. Then each department could further extend with its own custom fields. This is not the full functionality as requested above but would allow for faster implementation on RS Joomla side.


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