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RSEvents Workflow Plugins

by anonymous on 15 Jul 2010 03:32 | 1985 Hits | 1 comment(s)

There are a few points in RSEvents where i would need to perform some functions. For example, after a new Event has been created, it searches through the database for certain types of users and automatically subscribes them to the event.

However to achieve this, i believe i would need to directly modify the code. What concerns me is that i will modify code, and then a new release will be available and my modified version would be incompatable.

Therefore, i propose plugins for RSEvents. Within the plugins, you would be able to run custom code at certain points of the 'Events Workflow'. You would then not need to change the core code to perform custom actions.

The few that i would make use of would be the following:

1) Before Event Submission
2) After Event Submission
3) After Event Subscribe
4) After Event Unsubscribe
5) Change of Subscription Status (i.e Pending -> Accepted, Accepted -> Pending)

alex - 15.07.2010 (06:34:36)


thanks for your suggestion. We already use this procedure for RSForm!Pro and I believe that we'll add it to RSEvents! soon. I will discuss with the programmers and see what triggers should we add.


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