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Non-technical front-end query builder for RSForm Pro

by shdale on 20 Mar 2011 09:43 | 5575 Hits | 0 comment(s)

A non-technical front-end query builder for RSForm Pro so that users can build a data report and display for print - relating to all submissions for 'specified' form and individual user. For example, to add a date range for their submissions and specify what data to display on the result. Also, to order it in a specified way.

Also, so that admin can set a query and specified data result for users-front end to see. For example, admin can specify fields from a forms submissions to display front end. Also, to add text before and after the result, so they could build for instance, a delivery note (but not linked to e.g. VirtualMart) for all submissions for a user within a data range, for example, all submissions for the user in the last month. The user should then see this front end and be able to print it off in pdf or word format.

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