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Develop a new RSCompetitions Component

by anonymous on 15 Jul 2010 03:30 | 5071 Hits | 1 comment(s)

I'd love to see a new RS component for running web site competitions where admins can create a competition, users can enter them and the competition can draw a winner. Competitions could be to answer a few questions, simply to register, be admin controlled to who is entered, click on a site image, visit a page and so on. They would need to be timed for a set period by the admin and there needs to be a way to set only 1 entry per user or if wanted many entries per user, I really like the RS components and I think one like this from RSJoomla will be an excellent addition.

gwmbox - 15.07.2010 (06:31:45)

So when will it be ready :P


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