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Auto email group

by info279 on 15 Dec 2010 20:31 | 6376 Hits | 1 comment(s)

We have been using RSBlog with great effect with schools - particularly the remote email publishing. A feature to enhance this would be the ability for an email to be auto sent to a group when a post is published to the blog. This would mean that when a Head Teacher closes the school due to bad weather he can send an email to RSBlog system that then in turn emails all registered users of the site for example. At the moment schools spent a large amount of money sending text messages to parents about school closures as well as adding the information to the site via email submission. This facility would be great for other uses that we have in mind as well for some of our other sites.

Alexandru Plapana - 04.01.2011 (04:54:23)

It is a nice feature but it slips out of the blog area. This could be implemented rather easily in a newsletter component for example. The head teacher or administrator can simply compose a email and send it to a certain list (or multiple).


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