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More control over URLs in a megamenu

by klcreations on 18 Oct 2021 10:49 | 475 Hits | 0 comment(s)

Hi there,

I'm converting several sites from MijoSEF to RS SEO, and came across an issue with URLs on site with mega menus and multiple levels of URLs in menus.

The current custom URL in RS SEO only allows URLs to be on the top level or use the current menu structure. In a mega menu an article might be 3 levels deep for example
with the current setup, the only option would be to create a custom URL to make it
i.e. no backslash allowed to create a level.

With all the articles on the site it's not practical to reduce everyone to the root. So I'd like

In MijoSEF it had an option to customise URLs based on article category alias and the article alias, no matter where it was in the URL structure.

Can you consider this for future updates please?

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