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Please, develop a CCK extension.

by xzjoomla on 15 Nov 2010 18:07 | 5464 Hits | 2 comment(s)

My suggestion is about to develop a CCK system that works, and could be configured, in so easy way as in FlexiContent one we can do it, but taking into account two points:

1- Joomfish integration
2- SEO friendly, because with FlexiContent is impossible to show a pathway or breadcrumbs cause of its URL chaos and repetition (over SEO penalization)

Jonathan Roza Magoga - 03.07.2018 (22:40:23)
Take K2 under your umbrella

I'm not sure, but apparently K2 v3 was scraped, for the time being.
RS could take K2, make it awesome, and offer a paid version with extra features.
That would be a fantastic combination: RS expertise with K2 solid delivery.



Ralf Longwitz - 30.09.2013 (05:49:52)

There are so many CCKs already. What could RSJoomla add, that's not already there? If FlexiContent is good for you but missing features, why don't you ask them to add those?


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