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Sponsorship option!

by frederic.tomasi on 05 Nov 2010 11:24 | 5654 Hits | 2 comment(s)

A very good feature to add to RSmembership should be a Sponsorship option!

For every non-free membership, you can select the number of sponsorised users you can add for a membership period.


Membership Premium , 40$/30d
Sponsorship option is set to 10.

For every new sponsorised user, member will have 4$ (40/10) reduction on the current month. (with 10 sponsorised users max not to loose money)

Should be very good to buzz and get new user!

Need it soon on the next rev ;)

Thomas M - 27.08.2015 (13:47:10)

...to cash discount, offer the option to extend duration of membership. Doesn't cost the site owner cash $$$, can be running infinitely if desired.


earad - 24.04.2011 (15:07:19)

full sponsorship feature needed for a charity. For instance, Public can sponsor the school fees of children in need monthly. then the childs school reports are shared with the sponsoing person. the child's details can only be viewed by that sponsoring person.


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