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Alerting through SMS

by madseman on 02 Nov 2010 15:15 | 6378 Hits | 0 comment(s)

1. It could be nice to have an option to send mobile text message through a built-in API (for different SMS Gateway providers), such as teleword, smskaufen, smscreator, clickatell, compaya etc., if something happens, attacks and so on.
Parameters so that we can decide the "SMS Subject" and the content of the sms, and parameters so we can choose what alerts that should be send out to who. (multiple numbers)
And a button on back-end front page so we easily can activate or deactivate the option for sending out alerts. (When we manage admin section and don't want to be alerted!)

2. Another feature that could be nice is to have a RSFirewall page check, so we could ping from a cronjob server, and if the site is down, slow or others, it will alert us. (And also here it could be nice to be alerted through API SMS Gateway).

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