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IP Address Visibility

by johnvonahlen on 12 Dec 2019 10:27 | 892 Hits | 0 comment(s)

Is it possible to:

1) Display the current IP address at the top of the Blacklist/Whitelist page.
So if the IP address is currently Whitelisted then it could appear Green, to indicate its status.
This would be useful as you could then cut and paste the current IP address into the search bar and add it to the Whitelist if not already.

2) Highlight (ie an asterisk * ) the current IP address (if it exists) in the list of entries for Blacklist and Whitelist.
Or if you wanted to get fancy, you could automatically position the current IP address entry at the top of the list (in the case where a Whitelist entry for it already exists).
This would be useful for when working in the backend while on different IP address, but you can't remember if you've already added your current IP to the Whitelist.
Currently there's no way to see if your current IP address is already Whitelisted, other than having to manually search for it - but to search for it you first need to know what your IP address is, and you would normally do that by either tracing your IP in CMD or via website.

How much easier would it be if RsFirewall displayed the current IP address at the top of the page, and indicated if it was already Whitelisted?

This would save users heaps of time. Ie I have lost code when saving documents on non-Whitelisted IP addresses, because of code-stripping, and I've forgotten than the current IP wasn't whitelisted.

Thanks a million!

Cheers, John.

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