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PageBuilder Content MUST be searchable by built in Joomla Search

by anonymous on 03 Dec 2019 14:44 | 854 Hits | 0 comment(s)

RSJoomla uses PageBuilder to build attractive elements in their sites. However, none of the content built with PageBuilder can be searched for and found with Joomla's built in search and smart search. To find content built with PageBuilder, you have to turn on the PageBuilder Search as the primary search capability, which excludes all Joomla search. For a large site, this functionally excludes all content built with PageBuilder, rendering the 'pretty stuff' pointless from a usability perspective. PageBuilder content must either be indexable by Joomla Search or the PageBuilder search function must provide at LEAST matching capability to Joomla search. If a person can't find the content on a site, that visitor is going to go somewhere else. Ethically, this means as a communications and marketing consultant, I can't recommend any templates using PageBuilder where content built with both PageBuilder and Joomla is mixed and needs to be indexed and found by a target audience. I have to exclude all of these templates from consideration. It also creates a breakdown/clash in search functionality where a Joomla site is using extensions other than RSJoomla's where those extensions do use Joomla search for indexing and generates results. It means Joomla search must be used, excluding all PageBuilder content.

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