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Admin URL Rename

by donnie.l.rollins on 22 May 2019 23:38 | 1181 Hits | 0 comment(s)


I know RSFirewall has a Backend password protection but have you considered a rename tool as part of the product?

I have a client that is using CrowdStrike security consulting and their site is failing a test due to the admin section resolving to amsty.com/administrator

I explained to them about our Backend Password but that didnt suffice.


I also found several plugins that offer this feature. Can we do this with RSFirewall? If no have you considered adding this feature?

I 100% agree securing the admin area should suffice. But when you have 3rd party scanners, throwing up negative scores due to standard URL's being accessible (login or not) it causes a negative score on your security reports. These reports in turn go to Executives that don't understand why its visible. I'm just saying its a pretty simple plugin that could exist in the toolset from RS Joomla. We like RS products, we support you guys, so just trying to show you others a writing plugins (Akeeba) for this and would like to see a URL redirect exist so we don't have to go to another 3rd party product.


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