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Edit form in website language when "Disable Multi-Language" is turned on

by eero on 01 May 2019 17:40 | 85 Hits | 0 comment(s)

If the "Disable Multi-Language" mode is enabled in the settings, the language selector disappears from the form editor. That is great if you need only one language.

But there is a problem! The default editing language is English, and that is what the form defaults to.

So if the website language is French (both admin and frontend), and the multi-language is disabled in RSForm settings, you can only edit the English form.

What if the form was created before the "Disable Multi-Language" option was created? The option is quite new in RSForm. I assume thousands of forms were made before the option was invented. This kind of form most likely has two languages, and the actively edited is (in this example) French. If the multi-language option is disabled, only the English version can be edited. So any changes that are made are not visible on the French website. This is bad and makes many clients puzzled.

The logical functionality - in my opinion - would be that IF the "Disable Multi-Language" option is enabled, the form would ALWAYS BE EDITED in the website ADMIN OR FRONTEND LANGUAGE.

So for example - If I have a Swedish website and disable the multi-language option, I could automatically edit the Swedish translation of the form. If I have an English website, the English version of the form would be edited.

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