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Contact form shoud be customizable

by anonymous on 04 Feb 2019 18:13 | 121 Hits | 0 comment(s)

Hi i mind that it will be great if admin could customize contact form and if it will be abled to :
- Create upload fields : it will be very useful, in the case of a job website to allow users to attach file (CV or Photo) when they are candidating.
- Customize field e-mail address toward whom to send the e-mail :
in my case, i've customized my form (with RSForms) in order to let entry owner to specifying a different e-mail address (because sometimes user are subscribing on the site with address such as webmaster@example.com, but when they are posting an add, sometime they would like to receive response to a more accurate e-mail address, from another department : ex job@example.com).
It will be fine if the form (in the modal) will refers to this secondary e-mail address rather than the default user's email!


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