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Layout for AMP format views

by anonymous on 19 Oct 2018 07:25 | 427 Hits | 0 comment(s)


Google launched AMP pages (Accelerated Mobile Page) in order to ameliorate speed on mobile devices.
Go to see https://www.ampproject.org

I'm using RSFORM on many websites for the contact form.
I also use wbAMP plugin (https://weeblr.com/joomla-accelerated-mobile-pages/wbamp).
At this time, my contact form is not ready for AMP.

My suggestion is you take in account an integration of the AMP pages in RSFORM.
- either by creating view.amp.html files ? (so we could then use the parameter format=amp in our URL)
- either by integrating wbAmp directly (by creating a plugin for wbamp component) ?

Best Resgards

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