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RSSeo and Cookiebot integration

by nvsdesign on 14 May 2018 10:35 | 1074 Hits | 0 comment(s)

I'm using Cookiebot.com cookie notification for a lot of websites, because of the new GDPR. Now to correctly load Google Analytics, there has to be made a modification to the javascript code.

To enable prior consent, we need to manually modify the Google Analytics script:

- The attribute "data-cookieconsent" needs to be applied to the cookie-setting script tags on your website
- The attribute "type" needs to be changed from "text/javascript" to "text/plain"

The GA block now starts with but should be modified to .

Is it possible to create a function to do this in RSSeo? At the moment I have manually added this to the plugin file rsseo.php, but this core change is no long term solution.

I can imagine that more people use Cookiebot, because it's the only complete cookie control plugin.

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