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Add ability to close and link old ticket to new ticket

by swinnie on 30 Aug 2010 21:20 | 5888 Hits | 1 comment(s)

We're using the RSTickets!Pro system to track customer support requests and the time used on these requests. A new ticket, (either created by staff on behalf of the customer or by the customer themselves) is created for each support event.

When a "Support" ticket is closed, I could see a benefit with a feature allowing users to link the closed "Support" ticket to a new "Billing" ticket.

The new "Billing" ticket would remain open to the point the "Support" ticket is invoiced.

Each "Support" & "Billing" ticket would have the ability to link to the other ticket for historical reference.

I think this feature request deserves all the user votes that have not been used.

Vote NOW! Vote often.

I look forward to taking credit toward this new very 'worthwhile' feature being implemented.

Thank you and best regards.


Paul Dupuis - 21.02.2012 (10:40:35)
Merge tickets

This is similar to a feature we suggested in this list which is a "merge" tickets feature. Perhaps these could be combined in a new capability for RS Tickets Pro - to either consolidate or simply link related tickets.


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