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Recurring Payment (membership) as PayPal product

by zott on 07 Mar 2019 13:09 | 1841 Hits | 1 comment(s)

Users should be able to choose between one-time purchases and recurring/subscription purchases.

I'm sure you can easily add a product type that will modify the URL output to paypal with the correct parameters, while suppressing/emptying the unneeded parameters (such as "amount", that throws an error if present at a recurring purchase).

Karen Dunne - 11.03.2019 (14:37:07)
recurring donation with PayPal

Non-profit organizations rely on donations to exist and having the option for donors to select a recurring donation amount is a vital and regular practice. We can do that now by sending the user to a PayPal but it would be better if I could keep them on the site while making the transaction.

Request is to make a recurring amount possible in the form.



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