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SVG should be part of the allowed imageformats

by walter.fleritsch on 03 Jan 2018 21:08 | 1245 Hits | 0 comment(s)


after the FLASHanimations are "dead," I'm looking for other ways to render vector animations sharp and with small file size.
Unfortunately, all the conversions that I've reviewed so far have turned the super-small SWF vectorfile into BIG pixelfiles (animated GIF or video files), and the image is unsatisfactorily blurred at the same time.

My idea: Instead of a real animation, I break them up into individual SVG images and let them overlap one after the other via your RSMediagallery slider module (fade in - fade out). While this is not as fluid / smooth as real animation, it would be enough for the current purpose.

My suggestion:
Please implement in one of the next versions the possibility to allow other image formats - especially SVG.

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