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by peter.marchert on 30 Jul 2010 05:01 | 4381 Hits | 3 comment(s)

Similar to RS-Finder! but not by typing each time the wanted article etc.

I wish a list box where I can add and remove my favorite articles which I have often to change (e. g. a download page).

Usage: If you are in the edit mode of an article you can just click on an add button next to the list box to add this active article to the list box. Next time if I'm any where in the backend I can choose this article from the list box and switch automatically into edit mode of it.

The entries of the listbox should start with the article id and not display the whole article, because I have sometimes really long names.

May be it is possible to combine this feature with RS-Finder!

Peter Marchert - 30.07.2010 (00:34:00)
Another idea

Can be implemented to both: RS-Finder! and RS-Favorites! A button next to the search/list box which switches to the translated article in JoomFish! If i have edited the native article I click on this button to save the article and to switch to the translation of it. May be you can add flags for different translations to switch to the desired one.


Peter Marchert - 30.07.2010 (00:29:20)
Feature for RS-Finder!

I would need to find articles from JoomFish! too. May be you can add a feature that allows to search for translations? If I type "jf " (without quotes) at the beginning of the search box the plug in will search only in the translations of JoomFish!. I only have 1 translation but may be it would be useful for other users to set a default language and to enter a language too (e. g. "jf:es " or just "es: ").


Peter Marchert - 30.07.2010 (00:17:38)
Additional feature

May be an optional auto add feature can be implemented. It adds the 10 (or 20 or something you can set up in the plug in) most changed articles automatically.


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