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Integrate with RSEvents! to include events in mailings

by anonymous on 16 Jul 2010 03:44 | 5616 Hits | 3 comment(s)

A plugin could include a tab in RSMail config to specify a template for event summaries within the newsletter. Also a setting of at how many words to cut the description off to insert a "read more' link.

Then a tag to include the event in the email body.

ie: Template

ie: Newsletter
Dear {name},

{rsevent 132}

Iain Mace - 03.09.2013 (15:37:51)
Send out course details and reminders

User books on to a course then X days before the course receives reading materials. Y days before the course receives course attending materials. 1 day after the course receives a thanks for attending email with a link to a feedback form.


Peter Gales - 08.05.2013 (09:02:54)
Upcoming events email subscription

Would be very helpful for people to be able to get a daily or weekly email alert that contains a short summary of upcoming events. Each would have a 'read more' that would take them to the site where they can buy a ticket or indicate their attendance.

It would be very attractive if my site members can choose to receive alerts for only those categories they are interested in e.g. I could choose to receive alerts only for upcoming sporting and religious events.


Ronald Pijpers - 28.07.2010 (08:49:45)

Send out a reminder newsletter to all people on a list who didn't register yet for a particular event.


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