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Changed form field title, lost data

by anonymous on 07 Oct 2019 11:38 | 139 Hits | 1 comment(s)

Hey guys, I changed the title of a form field and lost all the previous data that was in that field. Is there a way to export this data or recover it?

Andrei Cristea - 07.10.2019 (06:44:11)
The data is not lost

Since you have changed the name of the field, the component will not be able to retrieve the old data in the submissions listing. This information is not lost, it is simply stored under a different field name, if you revert your field name back to the original name, the information will be displayed properly again.

If you do not want to restore the old name, since this implies that your new submissions will not show, you can try accessing your database and retrieving the information stored in the #__rsform_submi ssion_values table for your old field name.


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