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Integration with Active Campaign

by dai13 on 26 Jan 2016 13:29 | 3131 Hits | 2 comment(s)

I'd like to see integration with Active Campaign as an alternative to MailChimp. AC provides a more comprehensive Marketing Automation tool and is the tool recommended by leading Digital Marketing agencies and trainers such as Ryan Deiss's Digital Marketer Labs.

Simple ability to pass form data direct to AC lists in the same way as currently to MailChimp would be ideal.

Steve - 11.12.2019 (07:58:40)
I agree

I need this in the worst way too. Seems I bought a sports car in ActiveCampaign but stuck in first gear because RSForms doesn't work with it. I told them that I would even be willing to pay for the development of this.


Jim Hill - 08.01.2018 (16:54:41)
Active Campaign Integration is Possible with Zapier

You can easily send leads from an RsForm in Joomla to Active Campaign. Just utilize the silent post to a web hook URL you create using the Zapier web hook POST method. You can use this method to put data almost anywhere from RsForms. I am using it for Active Campaign and also Webmerge.
The Webmerge integration with RsForms via Zapier is extremely neat and powerful. Just create the Zapier web hook and use the custom field mapping tool in Rsforms under the Advanced section in the silent post area. In the left column enter the field name and then just use a merge tag in the right column to provide the field value. Do that for all of your fields you want to send to Zapier. Then in Zapier just complete the Zap by adding the required function beyond the web hook receiving the POST data. In My case I just add the Webmerge function as the next step to create the merge document. On Webmerge I have that document set to send an email, or just send it in Zapier.


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