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Filter options and sorting to your Feedback section of RSJoomla

by flexsus on 11 Nov 2015 16:14 | 1058 Hits | 1 comment(s)

Often I have a support ticket and are asked to add my request to your Feedback section. I often add my suggestions as new features to e.g. RSEvents. In the Feedback section I often look if others have suggested what I'm about to suggest. I often also find very nice suggestion and follow these Feedback.

But I find your Feedback section hard to use. It's always the same Feedback on page 1, since the Feedback with most votes is listed first. I miss filters for sorting by status: completed, accepted, etc.
If RSJoomla has accepted a Feedback I see this as a feature request that will soon come to e.g. RSEvents?

Best regards,

Alexandru Plapana - 12.11.2015 (02:53:50)

Yes, if you see a feedback with the "accepted" status, it means that this will be added in the next revision / update.

I agree that there are some usability issues around the feedback area, but these too will be addressed soon.


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