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State or City Event list menu item

by anonymous on 15 Jul 2010 03:01 | 3543 Hits | 2 comment(s)

Rsevents should offer an option to create a menu item for particular City / State

David Payer - 15.07.2010 (06:03:49)

More than just being able to have a menu item, it is important to give people a way to search based on location. The current "location" is identified by a short phrase describing the facility (Marriot Hotel, Java Joe Coffe, Local University - Blgd B, etc.) If your website's audience is in many cities, these labels are less than meaningless, they are confusing. At first glance you can't see that the event is in a totally different city from yours.

We need to be able to search for events by the GEOGRAPHIC location, not just by the name of the venue.



alejandro - 15.07.2010 (06:02:23)

I agree and also I would add that would be great if it would be able to add more categories and able to combine them in the calendar view.



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