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Submit Form URL in email

by anonymous on 28 Jul 2015 07:48 | 2234 Hits | 2 comment(s)

Hi RS Team,

first of all thanks a lot for this great free RSContact! extention. IT is a perfect fit for our website. We use it in the sidebar of our several product pages.

As I implemented the form on our website I ran in one problem. We had to know from which product page the form was submitted (page name or url).

I found out that I could achive this by modifying "helper.php" in line 258:
'{your-website-url}' => JUri::current()

Now it works fine for us.

I think this would be something helpful for all users. What do you think? Maybe you could consider to implement the option to include full url in one of the next releases ...

Alexandru Plapana - 20.10.2015 (02:33:53)
@Michael Mutunga

You can try using the forum for such inquiries:



Michael Mutunga - 19.10.2015 (19:17:37)
Verification of Email Address field


I am trying to block inclusion of special characters i.e #$%^&!^&*() in the email field with no success. Those emails are still accepted as email address.
Is their a way after setting validation to Email Address with DNS check and still be able to block those funny characters.

I would appreciate for someone to help me verify these problem

Michael Mutunga,
Website Developer.


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