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Dynamically create meta keywords, meta descriptions, changes the title on the fly

by anonymous on 15 Jul 2010 05:14 | 5523 Hits | 3 comment(s)

Have RSSEO, dynamically create meta keywords, meta descriptions, changes the title on the fly

Alexandru Plapana - 21.08.2014 (09:00:01)

Though i can't promise you anything quite yet, i would love to have a look at it. Submit a support ticket and attach it there.



Alexander van Aken - 21.08.2014 (08:54:27)
Auto generate data

- It would be great if you could select pages where you want to generate the descriptions and keywords for.
- If these values are empty, a system plugin should generate this information automatically and save it to RsSeo

In this way you can always change the meta description and keywords if you want to.

If needed, I can send RsJoomla some functions that I used in a plugin (a Joomla 2.5 plugin) that we created to achieve auto generation of keywords and descriptions. We used a technique to count the words on the page and places the most frequently used words as keywords and the first paragraph within the content section as description. We don't use it anymore but it has some very great functions that also could be built in RsSeo.


gwmbox - 15.07.2010 (08:16:08)

This would be good, BUT I'd prefer the option were you can choose to have the keywords etc created... as there are times where you do want control over the keywords etc as well as title.


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