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Number of past events in the backend

by clucking on 20 Oct 2014 08:32 | 1036 Hits | 1 comment(s)


Acording to an answer from support, the number of past events shown in the backend depends on the setting for global lists in the joomla setup. But only if you have more than 100 events a "load more" button will be shown. I think this button should also be present if you have a global setting - lets say 20 events and have more than 20 events in the past so you could easily come to more past events.

Should be easy to implement.


Alexandru Plapana - 20.10.2014 (03:50:59)

Easy to implement, probably, but i am not sure that this would be feasible. You are basically asking for a setting that would override the overall list limit length provided by Joomla! configuration. Correct ?


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