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Search Mailing list by postcode and radius

by david.anson on 24 Sep 2014 10:49 | 1741 Hits | 2 comment(s)

I am working on a site for a charity where we have all our members' details on CiviCRM which is far more complex than we need. All we need really are our members' contact details and a few extra fields. If we are trying to start a new regional group then CiviCRM lets us search for all contacts within a radius of a post code which means that we can then send a targeted email to those members to see if they are interested in forming a group. Can we have similar functionality within RSMail?

Wauman philippe - 02.01.2015 (05:47:08)
display custom fileds in list view

I agree but if browse subscribers form a list, you can only view their emails, and not the custom fields (you have to open the record in order to view them). Which is not really useful.


Alexandru Plapana - 24.09.2014 (06:06:30)

Such a feature would be possible only if RSMail! were to store a lot of user related data.

A newsletter component alone can't provide the same tools as a CRM system.


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