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Expand template color choices and add toggles to select which columns are needed without Template Overrides.

by FrischInBigD on 25 Aug 2014 16:38 | 1775 Hits | 0 comment(s)

Would be great if you had similar template choices for the Listing Page layout in RSFiles just like you have them in RSForm!Pro.

Color choices would be nice, and also some buttons to select which Column headers you wish to see in that View without having to modify the .php code to remove the columns.

Lastly, we use 2 Listing Views...one for the List of subfolders of the root directory, and one for the List of files in each directory, too. The .php coding changes done in the template override seems to effect BOTH List views. It would help if we could customize each one, individually.

We removed all columns except the "Size" column. This is perfect for the files view, but don't need it on the folders view.

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