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Please find another payment processor.....

by teachy on 19 Jul 2014 11:09 | 1586 Hits | 1 comment(s)

It's so annoying that in 2014 it takes some manual approval to confirm that an order of 13 euro has been paid. I want to pay, download and get on with my work.

The first thing I do when I see avangate as payment processor, is see if there is any alternative... This time my customer needed RSForm, so end of discussion, but again I am annoid by this 1980's procedure....



Alexandru Plapana - 21.07.2014 (02:28:01)

I am not quite sure where you got the information but orders don't need manual approval. After you have submitted your order it takes only a couple of minutes to have the component in your downloads section.


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