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Congress speakers or concert bands playing

by anonymous on 15 Jul 2014 12:33 | 1434 Hits | 0 comment(s)

We would like to have an extension, which would make your product RSEvents very usefull for Congress, Concert and Workshop Organizers.

A Congress typically has multiple Speakers, which for themselves are speaking on multiple Congresses. Likewise a Concert may have multiple Bands or Artists playing, which play in multiple Concerts. Workshops can be led by multiple Teachers or workshop leaders, which on their turn give multiple workshops.

A Speaker, Artist, Band, Teacher or Workshop leader typically has a description and a photo. More detailed, they could have a website, facebook, phonenumber and emailaddress.

Right now the information of the Speakers (etc) have to be entered in each event they are speaking, meaning double and error prone work.

So we want a way to enter Speakers (etc) once and assign them to the event. Then have the option to show either just names of Speakers or also the photo and description.

Furthermore it would be nice to be able to search/show all events of a certain speaker (as module).

So Speaker is in concept close to an event location, but like categories, you can have multiple on an event.

Hope you will add this.

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