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add a sef404 extension or plugin or compatibility

by enrolments on 23 Jun 2014 16:26 | 1819 Hits | 1 comment(s)


i use a sef404 components on my joomla installation and i found out that many of your components use to have actions or automated scripts linked to the url wich become ineffective when the url shange or become sef via other components.

please add an extension for sef 404 component.

Alexandru Plapana - 24.06.2014 (02:54:29)


I hope that you do realize that you are asking us to create a plugin for a commercial extension, that has proven functionality "difficulti es". RSForm!Pro has no problems in working with the default SEF settings.
I think that the sh404SEF developers are obligated to provide a large compatibility for their extension.


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