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by donmarvin on 10 Apr 2014 15:49 | 2569 Hits | 3 comment(s)

Need a true jquery autocomplete option for RSFormsPro, please! http://jqueryui.com/autocomplete/

Alexandru Plapana - 07.10.2014 (03:43:16)

I understand how you would apply this for your own specific case, but if this gets implemented within the component a rather generic approach would be required that would work for a large number of use case scenarios. This includes various table structures - so one would need to have a good understanding on how this works and with the overall database structure.

Users who usually have this knowledge (and power of understanding) are able to implement this directly for their specific use-case scenario.


de Webcompagnons - 07.10.2014 (02:33:31)

I suppose that with JQuery you'll have a client side process of checking the user's input against a list (that could be retrieved from a database table).
I just found this topic because I am looking for the same. I have a list of over 2500 allowed terms (geographical names) from which users should select one. Of course this is way too long to make a dropdown selection. So I thought that users could start typing and select the desired one - without typo's and all that.

I suppose this should be somewhat similar to the assigning of tags in the Joomla core when it is set to Ajax mode.

Kind regards, Frits


Alexandru Plapana - 11.04.2014 (03:22:22)

How exactly would you see this implemented in RSForm!Pro ?
It looks like this would be more appropriate for searches.


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