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MailChimp Integration plugin for RSMembership!

by james.greiner on 08 Apr 2014 09:57 | 3626 Hits | 1 comment(s)

This request is to include a MailChimp integration plug-in for RSMembership!...

The plug-in should allow a user to (1) be auto-subscribed to a MailChimp list (1 or more selectable) upon a successful membership subscribe, (2) auto unsubscribed from all MailChimp lists they are subscribed to upon a users membership expiration (3) offer a front end user module to allow the logged in user to select which MailChimp mailing lists they wish to be subscribed to (similar to what is offered in RSFormsPro!) and finally (4) should offer an easy syncing feature to allow migrating existing subscribers to the MailChimp mailing lists.

Shane - 27.04.2015 (16:18:54)
mailchimp integration

I would like to renew my RSForms and purchase RSMembership for my new domain but I need to have a hook to MailChimp to move users in and out of segments to support my email campaigns. I can make this happen with the MailChimp integration with RSForms but RSMembership doesn't allow me to integrate RSForms or use a native mailchimp plugin. This is why I used 9 of my 10 votes on this topic.


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