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Avoiding abuse of Tickets

by anonymous on 24 Mar 2014 11:51 | 1591 Hits | 0 comment(s)

There is no built in function to administrate the tickets.
Just think about this:
You are using the search function to validate the ticket, thas will be handed to you by the costumer. Someone could use the barcode a few times, because you can´t see if the barcode have been used before. And there is no way to export the tickets with the code into a different system to get a hold of the "used" codes. Something like a checkbox or a pulldown menue with "valid or used" would be great.

As long as there is no control function it is useless.
There should be a function for every ticket to set it to a "used or valid" state in the barcode search section.
Because, 1st. you use the search function to find the ticket. 2nd transfer the content ( i.e 2 adult seats an 2 for children) manually into your system to print a regular Ticket for the visitors. 3rd. mark it as "used".


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