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Field validation: IBAN

by info2559 on 07 Mar 2014 07:39 | 2267 Hits | 1 comment(s)

Within Europe one common bankaccountnumber structure is being implemented: IBAN, due live August 2014.

It would be great if you could add the validation rule for valid IBAN. Of course not if the accountnumber exists, but if it is a valid IBAN account number.

Yannick Lämmel - 12.05.2018 (07:16:09)
Its already finish and works well but why it needs a core hack? After every Update?

Dear support Team,
this function is already finish and works very well. But after every Update we need to core-Hack again! Every Time...

Sometimes you forget and then customers can order with a wrong iban, thats really a problem!

Here you can find the 5 Minute-solution


Thank you!


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