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"Joomla Made Easy" admin template wtih wizards

by anonymous on 27 Feb 2014 00:14 | 1790 Hits | 0 comment(s)

There's a desperate need to make Joomla easier to use.

It's nice to have the power of all Joomla's advanced features, but as someone who runs a Joomla training business I can vouch for the fact that people find it hard to use even for the basic tasks that shouldn't require training, and this graph on Google trends paints a dire picture that won't turn around unless either the core or an extension comes to the rescue on UI...


* Wizards:
"New page wizard" Step 1: new article, Step 2: new "single article" menu link (prefilled with that that article as the target. Also a new module wizard.

* Basic back end full text search for articles, & custom_html modules. + Title search for articles, all modules, and menu items (biggest problem most poeple have is just finding the thing they want to edit.

* a css admin skin that highlights in a distinctive colour the main fields that you need to enter to complete a task. Eg for a new menu item it would be "menu item type" (then within that "menu item type" dialogue it would be "articles" then "single article". Then back in the main screen it would be "Title", "choose article" and "parent"
A similar need exists for guidance in creating a new custom html module.
Aside from hilighting the important fields, some info tooltips inside (?) buttons explaining the basics would make a world of difference.

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