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Components & Properties tabs don't look like tabs

by anonymous on 26 Feb 2014 23:57 | 1766 Hits | 1 comment(s)


The first time I used more recent versions with the grey "Components" & "Properties" tabs it took a while to find the "Properties" area as it doesn't look like navigation. I run a Joomla training business and client feedback has confirmed that it's not just me.

* Make these 2 tabs look unmistakably like navigation, (not just like a pale grey heading background)
* Rename "properties" to "Form Properties & Settings" as that's what it is.
* Rename "Components" to "Form Fields & Elements". Given the Joomla context, calling this area "Components" is very confusing, especially so for novices.
* Rename the blue bar called "Form Fields" to "Add New Fields" (since the only time you click those buttons under this is to add a new field and there's no "New" button making the current UI un-intuititve.)
* Make the pale blue "Save" button at least as prominent as the new Joomla3 green "Save" button at the top of the page. Everyone clicks the green one instead of the pale blue one for obvious reasons - then they wonder why the form hasn't updated. This button could also be renamed "Save this element" to distinguish it from saving the whole form. The pale blue is so close to the background grey that at a glance, no one sees it.

Alexandru Plapana - 27.02.2014 (06:33:24)

You are right.
We too discussed this at one point but where reluctant to changes because of legacy reasons and of course all references used within the product documentation.


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