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auto login by IP address (subscription for subnets)

by sun_runner on 25 Feb 2014 11:36 | 1778 Hits | 3 comment(s)

Add ability to gain access to restricted area by IP address - when user paid for subscription it can type an IP range for this, and anyone who came from this IP automatically access this rericted content, without entering another username.
It useful for situation, when users must work with its own subsrciption and with corporate (academical) subscription together.

Alexandru Plapana - 26.02.2014 (02:42:36)

I do agree with you on this point, but this would address a very small percentage of potential customers. Usually users that request this functionality have the required knowledge to modify the overall Joomla! authentication process.


Tretyakov Evgeniy - 25.02.2014 (14:01:12)

Many serious companies have "white" IP for its own internal services, and any user, who load web page goes through this ip. Many big companies have its own subnets, like an universities, or providers, campus nets - many cases.
And idea to give access to blocked content only from office - really good idea. Its another, corporate level of membership.


Alexandru Plapana - 25.02.2014 (06:48:55)

...but the user will be able to access its membership from various locations (home, work, etc). Naturally the IP address will vary. Not to mention the fact that the IP allocation is not always fixed.


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