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Map - category markers

by Halmstadmicke on 03 Jan 2014 11:45 | 4271 Hits | 2 comment(s)

Possibility to mix category items in the same map with different markers.

ian edmondson - 10.02.2015 (12:02:50)

Would definitely be very useful for my purpose! Showing 'all' entries on the map radius search with a different marker for each category (or even top level category) would help!


Ickke - 13.02.2014 (13:10:18)

Or have a new field type "custom markers" which simply lets you select a custom image as marker. than u can set a whole category having that marker and u could even use dependencies :)

Example with dependency : u have items "buildings" and in this a selectbox "building-type" ( house, hotel, facility". with dependencies on the "buildings-type"-field u can set markers for each type ^^

if u not use dependencies, than u can simply ad a marker to a form and set the field only one marker, so noone can change it^^


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