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Joomla 3 Groups ACL Integration

by bizresource on 12 Dec 2013 10:16 | 4071 Hits | 4 comment(s)

It would be absolutely magic if the Joomla ACL Group could be Selected for Categories and also Listings. The benefits to logged in Members/ Users are immense as they would then only see their relevant information, thereby reducing search time and thereby reducing information overload for results that are of no interest. The user experience would be beyond their expectations!
Keep up the great work!
By the way - I am using all your extensions other than the new RSDirectory which would need to have that function to be of benefit to my users.
Thank you for listening.

Alexandru Plapana - 21.07.2014 (08:18:41)

Perhaps a combined approach would be more suitable. For example, RSMembership! does incorporate a feature that allows you to restrict content from within the actual page. Example:

{rsmembership id="1,3"} - starting tag

Restricted content

{else} - conditional tag

This is shown to NON-subscribers

{/rsmembership} - ending tag

More on this here:



Alexandru Plapana - 21.07.2014 (08:17:05)

I agree that this would be nice, but there are quite a few factors that need to be taken into consideration. For example the description itself would have to be rather fixed, as you can use placeholders there. Thus, you would have portions of the description available for different groups. Changes would propagate further for example within the filtering module.


Ronny Wunderlich - 21.07.2014 (06:40:10)
acl of fields

Hi, i think it will be cool to have an option to show items only for special user groups. Guest cant see fields with contact information and when logged in show this informations.


Alexandru Plapana - 19.12.2013 (07:33:24)

The same functionality can be replicated rather easily with different menu items and menu item configurations. For example you can simply create two listings: one for guest users that can see entries from a certain category and one for registered users (of your choice) that can see listings from other categories as well.


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