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Allow users to purchase advertised items from ads and/or contact advertisers

by rsearle on 11 Dec 2013 20:37 | 3031 Hits | 2 comment(s)

RSDirectory! looks good to allow advertisers to advertise their items, but there is no facility for site visitors to either contact the advertisers about an item, or to buy the item for the advertised price.

So I can't see why any advertiser would buy a credit package to advertise their goods on an RSDirectory! site, when the site visitors can't buy their goods or even contact them about those goods.

Gideon Affleck - 04.03.2014 (07:36:42)
Users to be able to buy items

I would want users to be able to buy items from Ad posters, similar to eBay where anybody can sell their stuff and payments paid to posters paypal or credit card account with email notifications, please.


Alexandru Plapana - 19.12.2013 (06:28:02)

It looks like you actually have two suggestions:

1. Contact form. We are already working on a new RSDirectory! revision that will incorporate this. For now, we have added a RSForm!Pro tutorial on how to create a contact form for RSDirectory!.

RSDirectory! is not Virtuemart. There a lot of classified ads websites that don't actually provide a way to purchase the specific item. Just think of a car sales websites... Would you like to buy a car over PayPal (or some other payment processor) ?


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