Latest updates

RSFirewall! 3.0.10 v3.0.10 09 Nov 2022

Small PHP 8.1 improvements and failsafe if the component tables are missing.

RSForm! Pro 3.1.4 v3.1.4 17 Oct 2022

Enhancements to the Submission Confirmation flow.

RSEvents!Pro 1.13.7 v1.13.7 06 May 2021

Conditional fields, improved notifications and other improvements await in this new version.

RSMediaGallery! 2.0.0 v2.0.0 26 Apr 2021

Joomla 4 compatibility and a complete overhaul of the component functionality.

RSTickets!Pro 3.0.0 v3.0.0 18 Mar 2021

RSTickets!Pro is our next Joomla! 4 compatible component.

RSForm!Pro Zapier v2.3.20 16 Feb 2021

A new integration has been released, this time with Zapier.

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RSEvents!Pro 1.14.0

RSEvents!Pro 1.14.0 - Multilanguage Support and various improvements

We have released a new RSEvents!Pro component version, our Joomla! event management solution. RSEvents!Pro Version 1.14.0 includes the followings:


RSFinder! - The Ultimate Joomla! Admin Search Tool

  Meet our powerful administrator search tool. RSFinder! provides you an easy and simple way to search anything in Joomla!'s admin panel from one single search field.  

Christmas Sale 2022

A December to Remember!

Ho! Ho! Ho!, Christmas euphoria is upon us, let us cheer you with this Christmas Sale! The RSJoomla! team wishes you all a very Merry and Warm Christmas and of course, a Happy New Year!

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RSEvents!Pro Changelog
in RSEvents!Pro - Changelog 4 days ago.

RSEvents!Pro Component RSEvents!Pro Cart plugin 26 Jan 2023 Version 1.14.0 Added - Multilanguage support. Added - New menu item, that will list all of the events subscriptions. Added - You can now add captcha...

Add/Edit event
in RSEvents!Pro - Getting started 4 days ago.

Though you can add events from the site back-end and front-end the configuration is basically the same for both instances. To add or edit an event from the back-end area, head to Components > RSEvents!Pro > Events > New. Tip: The instant you click on the...

in RSEvents!Pro - Getting started 4 days ago.

As with events, locations can be added from both the front-end and back-end areas. The configuration process is the same in both cases. The Components >> RSEvents!Pro >> Locations area provides a simple location listing, with name, address, order and publishing status. New...