RSFirewall! for WordPress Changelog

07 Jan 2020
  • Updated - License key support for downloading the GeoIP Database from MaxMind.
29 Nov 2019
  • Fixed - In some cases bulk blacklisting was not working.
27 Nov 2019
  • Fixed - IPs could be added multiple times in Blacklist/Whitelist.
11 Nov 2019
  • Added - Google Web Risk API added as an alternative to the Google Safe Browsing API.
  • Updated - Choose which Google APIs to use during the System Check.
  • Fixed - Logout Redirect Link was not working.
  • Fixed - A PHP Notice could show up in the Dashboard area.
09 Sep 2019
  • Fixed - A Fatal Error (memory_limit reached) could occur in the Dashboard when there were too many threats blocked.
  • Fixed - A PHP Notice could show up in the Dashboard area.
26 Aug 2019
  • Fixed - A wrong password in TFA could generate a PHP Fatal Error.
  • Fixed - In some cases the System Check would halt on the Safari browser.
04 Apr 2019
  • Added - Possibility of disabling the plugin using a '.disabled' file in the plugin root directory.
15 Feb 2019
  • Fixed - Check PHP version during activation and deactivate plugin if lower than 5.4.0.
11 Jan 2019
  • Added - Google reCAPTCHA for comment and registration forms.
  • Updated - Country blocking is now using the GeoLite2 database.
23 Nov 2018
  • Fixed - "Disable the creation of new Administrators" was throwing a 500 error in some cases.
22 Nov 2018
  • Updated - Added a "Logout Redirect Link" for the backend password when the logout process redirects the user to the wp-login.php page.
  • Updated - Added an exception for the Backend Password so that login forms in frontend that trigger the login action in wp-login.php continue to work.
  • Fixed - "Disable the creation of new Administrators" from Lockdown in some cases did not work.
  • Fixed - 2FA could not be used with Email Authentication and Unique Codes when updating from older versions.
16 Nov 2018
  • Fixed - Blacklisted IPs were shown an incorrect reason.
  • Fixed - Resolved MainWP compatibility issue.
15 Nov 2018
  • Updated - IP address is now included in the subject of the email alerts.
  • Updated - Added the option "Use MD5 Signature DB" for the System Check.
  • Updated - Removed the buttons "Add New" from the Plugins and Themes pages for non administrator users.
  • Updated - Prevent the WP GDPR Compliance plugin vulnerability exploit for versions below 1.4.3.
  • Updated - Added the System Check step "Checking administrator users for compromised accounts".
  • Updated - Added some exceptions for Malware checking on files that should not be there.
  • Fixed - Table Views are no longer checked in the Database Check because they will halt the scan.
  • Fixed - Disable access to the WordPress Plugins and Themes installer for non administrator users.
  • Fixed - Remote file inclusion is now checking for both www and non-www domains of current website so it doesn't trigger false positives.
05 Nov 2018
  • Fixed - Skipped the step "Checking if your website is blacklisted" from System Check if the server IP address is not available.
24 Oct 2018
  • Added - New signature that checks for all "eval()" instances in the File Integrity check.
  • Added - A Tooltip on the Threats list with the Country name on the IP of each listing, when using the GeoIP.
  • Fixed - Backend Password login screen was showing up on logout process stopping it in some cases.
17 Oct 2018
  • Added - Two Factor Authentication security feature.
  • Added - Accept Changes for the Quick actions in the RSFirewall! dashboard.
  • Added - Checks for files that are not supposed to be on the installation.
  • Fixed - Accept Changes for the core files in the System Check wasn't working correctly.
  • Fixed - "Upload license code from the configuration.json" option was not taken in consideration.
  • Fixed - Backend password login screen was showing up on AJAX requests from the frontend.
10 Sep 2018
  • Added - The Configuration area can be accessed directly through the Plugins area.
  • Fixed - GeoIP files were not being downloaded in the Country Blocking area.
30 Aug 2018
  • Fixed - Incorrect WordPress core files were scanned in the Quick Actions.
  • Fixed - On Windows servers the file paths would not appear correctly in the Dashboard and Threats areas.
29 Aug 2018
  • Fixed - Some tables were missing when installing the plugin.
  • Fixed - Left side plugin menu was not translated.
  • Fixed - Some options were incorrectly appearing as selected.
  • Fixed - Some signatures were missing from the database.
20 Aug 2018
  • Fixed - Configuration page was throwing an error when using a language other than English.
  • Fixed - Some strings were untranslated.
06 Aug 2018
  • Fixed - An SQL error would show up in the Threats section.
03 Aug 2018
  • Fixed - A Javascript error was preventing the System Check from completing on Mac Safari.
  • Fixed - Frontend logins are now being monitored as well.
01 Aug 2018
  • Initial release

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